House Plus™ Booklet 2 – Construction Phases Outline, Construction Timeline Overview, Construction Timeline, and Suppliers & Subcontractors Worksheet

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The House Plus™ Construction Management System was created by two exceptionally qualified builders to help other builders and construction managers build homes and other type buildings faster and better. To become familiar with the system, we recommend you purchase the main House Plus™ book. Then before you begin construction, we recommend you purchase Booklet 1 and Booklet 2 to become more familiar with the entire system. Booklet 1 and 2 include all construction interactive aids. Booklets 3,4, and 5 offer you additional aids as you need to manage additional houses or other type small buildings. Order Booklet 3, Booklet 4, and/or Booklet 5 as your needs require.

Please keep in mind, we have found it is often easier and better in many respects for a construction manager to use paper construction aids than it is to use the aids on a computer, especially on the job site or when in his or her vehicle.


Booklet 2 of the House Plus Construction Management System includes 1 copy each of 4 management aids that will help you and your employees more clearly understand and keep tack of the building process. It also will help you keep track of and deal with your suppliers and subcontractors more easily.

The House Plus™ Phases Outline, the House Plus™ Timeline Overview, and the House Plus™ Timeline provide you listings of all natural sequential construction steps it takes to build a house or small building. They present you with a building block approach to understand the construction process. The Phases Overview is the most basic and simple – and the Timeline the most detailed and complex. You can use them for reference, education and training. Displaying them on your office wall or a large digital screen can be very helpful.

The House Plus™ Suppliers & Subcontractors Worksheet is an indispensable aid that is used with the control board and timeline. It allows you to keep tack of all of your suppliers and subcontractors you are going to use on one building. If you normally use the same suppliers and subcontractors continuously on new buildings, you do not necessarily need to completely fill out all information on a new worksheet for each supplier or subcontractor for each new building. You simply save the standard information and adjust the appropriate new information on the worksheet assigned to a supplier or subcontractor for each new building.

The House Plus Construction Management Aids included in Booklet 2:

…… the Construction Phases Outline is a simple handy visual sequential listing of all the major phases that are required to construct a building from beginning to end.

…… the Construction Timeline Overview is a more detailed sequential listing of all the steps it takes to construct a house or small building, week by week, in respect to time.

…… the Construction Timeline is the same as the Timeline Overview, but it includes much more detail as well as cautions and suggestions. It alerts you when you need to notify your suppliers and subcontractors.

…… the Suppliers & Subcontractors Worksheet provides a handy interactive listing of all suppliers and subcontractors you are going to use to construct one house or small building – including space for their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and comments – as well as providing a means to keep track of drawings, material lists, and bid contracts you have sent to and received from the suppliers and subcontractors. It is an indispensable aid.


Using the phases outline and the timelines:

—  As an example, you normally would use the Phases Outline to show your customers where their house is in the sequence of construction. You also most likely would use it for a quick reference so you can know where you are in your management of a house or other type small building, especially if you are managing the construction of a few or many buildings. You would use it as a visual aid, for example, when you coordinate with a general manager.

—  You likely would use the Timeline Overview also as a quick reference, for example if you are coordinating with a supplier or subcontractor … or a management colleague, or yourself.

—  The Timeline is your detailed standard sequential listing you would refer to for most any detailed information in your scheduling efforts. It is an indispensable aid you use with either of the control boards for a clearer understanding of the sequential construction process when scheduling with your suppliers and subcontractors.


The Suppliers & Subcontractors Worksheet, also an indispensable aid, is simply used to keep tack of all of the subs and suppliers you use on one home or other type small building…especially when dealing with the timelines, the control boards and bid contracts.

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