House Plus™ Booklet 4 – Construction Control Board – 2 copies

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The House Plus™ Construction Management System was created by two exceptionally qualified builders to help other builders and construction managers build homes and other type buildings faster and better. To become familiar with the system, we recommend you purchase the main House Plus™ book. Then before you begin construction, we recommend you purchase Booklet 1 and Booklet 2 to become more familiar with the entire system. Booklet 1 and 2 include all construction interactive aids. Booklets 3,4, and 5 offer you additional aids as you need to manage additional houses or other type small buildings. Order Booklet 3, Booklet 4, and/or Booklet 5 as your needs require.

Please keep in mind, we have found it is often easier and better in many respects for a construction manager to use paper construction aids than it is to use the aids on a computer, especially on the job site or when in his or her vehicle.


Booklet 4 – the Construction Control Board of the House Plus Construction Management System provides 2 copies of a handy interactive table for scheduling all of the natural sequential steps it takes to construct one house or small building from beginning to end. If you are going to construct more than two buildings, simply order more than one copy of Booklet 4 – or order Booklet 5, the Control Board Extension that provides handy interactive scheduling for up to fifteen houses or small buildings.

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