House Plus Management System – with main book and five booklets


In today’s difficult times, many people are looking for ways to downsize their homes.
You can help by building and remodeling homes cheaper, faster, and better!
The House Plus™ Construction Management System is designed for large, medium, and small construction companies, as well as DIYers.
This is a unique series of books/booklets and easy-to-use construction management aids (fillable worksheets). The system was created by an expert builder and construction manager to help them construct homes better and faster. They tripled their production! With this system, they produced houses and other small buildings extraordinarily smoothly and economically — like clockwork. It worked so well, even their competitors begged them to share the secret.
It’s a crazy world right now, and many people need to make changes in their living arrangements. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to use this system to help — and to make money building homes.

House Plus™ main book from Amazon – 6″ x 9″ paperback …  $14.95 click here
House Plus™ main book from Amazon – Kindle ebook  …  $14.95 click here

To become familiar with the system, we recommend you purchase the main House Plus™ book. Then before you begin construction, we recommend you purchase Booklet 1 and Booklet 2 to become more familiar with the entire system. Booklet 1 and 2 include all construction interactive aids. Booklets 3,4, and 5 offer you additional aids as you need to manage additional houses or other type small buildings. Order Booklet 3, Booklet 4, and/or Booklet 5 as your needs require.

Please keep in mind, we have found it is often easier and better in many respects for a construction manager to use paper construction aids than it is to use the aids on a computer, especially on the job site or when in his or her vehicle.


House Plus™ main book

Many hours were invested by this exceptional builder and construction manager over a period of several years to formulate their practical experience into viable methods that helped them deal much more personally and effectively with their suppliers and subcontractors … and to develop special CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AIDS that helped them understand and schedule the natural sequential process of construction more efficiently.

The result was a finely-tuned, well-thought-out, thoroughly tested process that produced houses so smoothly that their suppliers, subcontractors, competitors and colleagues were amazed. The system worked so well they found they could build residential homes at a rate of sixty to ninety per year — and be done with their management duties by 11 AM on most working days.

Again, to use the House Plus™ System effectively we recommend that you purchase and understand the main House Plus™ book, as well as the associated Booklets 1 and 2.

As you construct more houses or small other type buildings, purchase booklets 3, 4, and/or 5 as your needs require.


The House Plus™ Booklets 1,2,3,4,&5:

(example front & back booklet covers)

Click on the booklets below or in the black strip above for additional information.

   …… Booklet 1 –  House Plus™ Construction Control Board & House Plus™ Construction Control Board Extension

   …… Booklet 2 – House Plus™ Construction Phases Outline – House Plus™ Construction Timeline Overview – House Plus™ Construction Timeline – & House Plus™ Suppliers & Subcontractors Worksheet

   …… Booklet 3 – House Plus™ Suppliers & Subcontractors Worksheet (2 copies)

   …… Booklet 4 – House Plus™ Construction Control Board (2 copies)

   …… and Booklet 5 – House Plus™ Construction Control Board Extension (1 copy).


It’s important to note that, in the end, using the House Plus™ Construction Management paper booklets in many cases is less expensive and much easier than using computerized files…i.e. if final construction management computer records and extensive on-the-job changes are not required.


Thank you! We deeply appreciate your interest!   ……John